Import Prospects

 LimeLight CRM Support 

September 21, 2016 01:44

Lime Light CRM allows you to import prospects in a CSV formatted text file with the following input fields. A prospect import file can be uploaded under the Import Queue under Admin Settings >Import & Export, and the prospects import CSV template is available for download at bottom of this article.

The import prospects file is flexible in which we only require the email, campaign Id, and Ip Address in order to create a prospect record. However, if you create a prospect record in this manner, please make sure to pass the other necessary elements before completing a sale. On the other hand, once you import your prospects, the system will process up to 1000 prospects in real time. Otherwise, your import file will process at the top of each hour.

Moreover, once your prospects are imported, they will not be sent to a third party auto responder which may be assigned to your campaign, but they will be sent to a third party prospect provider.

Templates for File Import can be downloaded on the Import/Export page in the CRM

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