Create your Shipping Methods

 LimeLight CRM Support

Once your shipping groups have been created in the system, you can start adding the shipping methods that you want to offer for your campaigns. You will need to go to Offers> Shipping, then click on “Add Shipping Method” as shown in the illustration below.

For shipping methods that you have already created, you can search for them by Id, Method Name, Method Description, or a list of Id’s by entering the search criteria in the search field. The system will automatically populate the results for you once the search criteria is entered.

In order to add a shipping method, just enter a name for your shipping method, specify the shipping group name it belongs to, enter a brief description of it, then set the shipping price points that will be charged for your initial and subscription products. If you choose to charge the same amount for both your initial and subscription products, you will just need to enter the same amount in both spaces. You will need to click “save” once done.  There is also another option for "Threshold Amount".  The threshold amount is if an order total is over the threshold amount, the threshold charge amount will be charged for shipping on the order.

Please be aware that the shipping price point that is set for your initial product will be the same shipping price point that will be applied to your one time/straight sale offers.


How to set up a shipping method for a digitally delivered product

If you offer a digital product, even though it will be digitally delivered, you still need to select a shipping method just to complete the required fields to create your campaign. This will let the system know, at the campaign level, that this product will be digitally delivered and no shipping charges need be added.

We would recommend you to create a Shipping Group, called for example: Instant Access. Under this shipping group, you can have a shipping method that you can call Instant Access as well. Now, in the description you can specify that it will be Digitally Delivered, or you can add Instant Access also. The total shipping amount will be set up to $0.00.

It will be very helpful to have this option set up in the system. You just have to select it when creating your campaign for a digital product and the system will know that it does not need to charge for shipping.

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