Grant User Access to my.LimeLight

 LimeLight CRM Support 

November 13, 2017 17:41

LimeLight now has the option to allow you to Grant Portal Access to users. If you Grant Portal Access to a user, they will be asked to create a my.LimeLight account and be able to log in to all CRM domains they have been granted access to, through one (1) login and URL (

Once Grant Portal Access is selected, the user will receive an email like the illustration below. They will need to select CREATE ACCOUNT to set up their my.limelight account. It is important to verify that the e-mail address in the CRM User Account is correct. In order for the user to access multiple CRM accounts in their my.LimeLight account, the e-mail addresses have to be the same.

To remove my.LimeLight access to a CRM, simply click the Lock icon again. This will remove the user’s access only from my.LimeLight, but the user can still login directly to the CRM. If you want to completely remove a user’s access, you will need to disable access or delete the user from the User Account screen.

Once the user is logged into their my.LimeLight account, they will see their portal shown in the illustration below.

The user sees the list of domains that they have been granted access to, where they can simply just click on Sign In, and it will connect them to the CRM domain with the same permissions as the User Account in the CRM domain.

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