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November 17, 2017 16:54
REV June 17, 2019

This page serves as a one-stop for all providers set within your business, here you can add new providers, search and filter by type; see creation date, status and what campaigns the provider is attached to.

Quickly see providers by status. Below Providers title, use the links to see all providers or select the filters on the right or simply use the search bar if you know exactly what you're looking for.

To add a new Provider to your Providers list, you will need to click on the Actions drop-down menu and select “Add New Provider” and the following box will appear:

Within this section, you will need to select the type of provider, the specific provider, and also an alias for the profile.

*Please Note* that these configuration sections will change based on the Type and Provider you choose based on the provider requirements for each profile.

For example, if you choose the Type as “Chargeback” and then the Provider as “Chargebacks911”, it would look similar to the the illustration below:

Once you have configured your profile for your provider, they will appear in your list of providers. From the list view there are several actions you can take as described below.

To search for a specific provider that you have configured, you can just use the search bar and start typing in the provider name or alias, and everything that matches your criteria will start to appear.

There is also an Advanced Column Search that will allow you to perform an advanced search of the columns such as Account Name, Type, Alias, Created, and Status as shown below.

You will also notice that to the right of every provider in your list there are 3 dots, which you can click to assign to a campaign or set as your default provider (not available for gateway profiles).


Please note that within this page, the MID grouping is not yet available. To configure any of your MID grouping you will need to do so within Payments > Gateway. For further information on MID Grouping, please click here.

Also please note that the columns within this page for gateways are not the same as the columns within Payment > Gateway so it will not yet include columns for Descriptor, Global Monthly Cap, Remaining Amount, etc. This is just the beginning for Providers, so keep an eye out for new enhancements coming soon!

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