Configuring xVerify

 LimeLight CRM Support 

May 06, 2015 15:09

EMAIL VERIFICATIONS - xVerify is now fully integrated with the Lime Light CRM. Lime Light CRM and xVerify have worked together to make this integration between the two platforms seamless and intelligent for your convenience.    

In order to activate the integration of xVerify in your CRM, you will go to Clients and Fulfillment>Data Verification Provider. Click on the “Actions” drop down selection to add a new xVerify profile.

  • API License Key - This will be provided to you by xVerify.
  • Validate Email – Select whether or not to validate an email address.
  • Validate Phone - Select whether or not to validate a phone number.
  • Validate Street Address - Select whether or not to validate a street address.
  • Alias - For internal purposes only to help you organize among multiple provider profiles within your CRM.

This provider will be assigned at the campaign level. Once the configuration of xVerify has been completed in your CRM, you will assign this provider to your campaign under the field named “Data Verification”, and this field is available once you select Third Party Providers under Options on the scroll bar. The xVerify profile is selected by its alias, and you will assign it only to those campaigns this service applies to.

Additional xVerify Configuration Notes

  • xVerify is not supported when using the Lime Light CRM API.
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