Configuring Silverpop

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January 14, 2011 20:57
REV June 19, 2019

To start using Silverpop as your email Auto Responder you will need to complete a few easy steps first. These steps are described here for your reference.

1. Create your Silverpop Account: go to and sign up for an account.


2. Create your Database/List: Once your account has been set up you will go to the tab “Data” and select Database > Create. For the type of database, you will select a Single Opt-In Database; the Database or List Name is based on your preference, so it can be any name that you want to assign to it, but keep in mind that all of your prospects and customers sent to Silverpop from your Lime Light CRM will be going to the same Database/List. Select if you want a Private or Shared database.



3. Set up your Database Fields: The system will have some required fields already created for you. You will create the following fields as Text: address, city, country, first_name, last_name, phone, state and zip. Then, create a field called is_customer and make it a Yes/No field. Lastly, create a field called limelightcrm_campaign_id and make it Numeric.

4. Obtain your Database ID:  once your database has been created, you will click on “Hide Additional Details” and obtain the Database ID that will be displayed on the right hand side. You will use this Database ID to configure your Silverpop Profile inside of Lime Light CRM.

5. Add Email Provider to your Lime Light CRM: log into to your Lime Light CRM and go to Auto Responder > Email Providers. Select Silverpop as your email provider and click “Add Email Provider”.


Fill out the following parameters to create a Silverpop profile inside the CRM and click Save:

  • Username – You can use the same username you use to log into Silverpop, or you can create a separate username especially for this integration
  • Password – You can use the same password you use to log into Silverpop, or if you create a separate username, then you can also create a password especially for this integration
  • Silverpop Server – Same instance you select to log into your Silverpop account
  • Silverpop Database ID – Databese ID obtained in Step 4
  • Send Auto-Reply? - If you are using the auto responder that is within the Silverpop interface, then you can select whether or not if you want to force auto responder emails immediately.
  • Alias – For internal purposes only; it helps you differentiate this auto responder provider from other providers in your system

6. Assign Silverpop to your campaigns: When creating a new campaign or editing an existing campaign, you will assign Silverpop to the campaign from the field Auto Responder Account. Unlike other Auto Responders, Silverpop will automatically pre-populate the Prospect List Id and Customer List Id with your Database ID as all the data will be sent to the same database.



When your first customer or prospect is sent over to Silverpop, Lime Light CRM will create a dynamic query or bucket for each list. This way you can always create mailings for each campaign bucket, or even create your own queries with multiple campaigns and/or filters based on these two filters that you created on Step 3: is_customer, and limelightcrm_campaign_id.

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