Configuring MaroPost API

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November 18, 2013 15:37
REV June 19, 2019

To start using MaroPost as your email Auto Responder, you will need to complete a few easy steps first. These steps are described here for your reference.

1. Obtain your MaroPost Account: Go to and sign up for an account. Please note that you will need to use the APP version with this provider, as cloud is not currently supported.

2. Obtain your Auth Token and Account Id:  In order to obtain your Account Id, you will first hover over Account on the menu bar, then choose API Documentation. Once on the API Documentation page, the Account Id will be located at the top of the page as seen in the illustration below. This Id will be used in the configuration within Lime Light as mentioned in step 5.

In order to obtain your Auth Token, click on Account on the menu bar. Once on the Accounts page, the Auth Token will be located under the Users heading as shown in the illustration below. This token will also be used in the configuration within Lime Light as mentioned in step 5.


3. Create Two New Lists: When working with MaroPost, you will need to create two separate lists; one will be for customers, and the other for your prospects. Go to the Contacts menu, then choose “New List”, and it will take you to the following screen:

Once your two lists are saved, you will need to obtain your List Ids. Click on the List name you’ve created, then review the URL of the list details page. Each List Id will be located at the end of the URL. For example, if you have:, then the List Id would be 1000. The lists Ids that are obtained will be used in the Lime Light campaign configuration as seen in Step 6.

4. Adding Custom Fields: With the MaroPost system, you have the ability to add custom fields. Custom fields let you collect detailed information about your subscribers, and let you personalize your emails using this information. Adding custom fields is essential if you want MaroPost to accept data that is being passed through the Lime Light CRM like the Address, City, etc, and the custom fields that are created for MaroPost are case sensitive.


You can reach the custom fields page by selecting “Fields” from the Contacts menu under the Email menu. Once there, choose New Custom Field to add your custom fields.

5. Add the Email Provider to your Lime Light CRM Account: At this point you must already have your MaroPost account completely set up. In the Lime Light CRM, go to Auto Responders>Email Providers. Choose “Add Auto Responder Provider”, and then select MaroPost as your email provider.



Now a new window will open up asking you for the following MaroPost parameters:

  • Username – This is provided by MaroPost.
  • Password- This is provided by MaroPost.
  • Auth Token- This was obtained by you in step 2.
  • Account Id- This was obtained by you in step 2
  • Alias – Create an alias for internal purposes only. This alias will help you organize among multiple providers in the future since you may have multiple Imnica accounts within our system.

Then save it.

When creating a new campaign or editing an existing campaign you can assign a new email provider and list ID’s if you wish.

6. Add the List IDs to your Campaign: When creating or editing your campaign, you will see at the very bottom of the page the option to enable an Auto Responder to your campaign. Once you select an Auto Responder, MaroPost in this case, two more fields will appear: Prospect Id and Customer Id, you will enter the List Id’s that were provided to you once your Lists were created in step 3 of this document. For this example, we used 1000 and 1001; just enter them as in the following illustration and click “Save”:


Please be aware that you only need to go through the MaroPost set up once. After you have your account set up and get all the API information needed from them, you can easily create, access, and manage your Lists and assign them to your Campaigns as needed.

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