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March 21, 2017 12:48
REV June 19, 2019

eDigital was specifically designed to support all Trial Offer Campaigns and provides digital magazine quality content to your consumers based on your vertical. Keep processing accounts healthy and reduce chargeback rate increases! Drive profitable revenue and eliminate the cost of pre-paid cards!    

This unique publishing experience, digital content licensing agreements and bank approved protocol enables online marketers to run this program on trial offer processing accounts. eDigital Programs offers the only bank approved content program to ensure advertisers keep their processing accounts healthy while staying compliant with Visa and MasterCard rules.

To configure eDigital in your CRM you will need to go to Clients & Fulfillment > Membership. From the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu select “Add Membership Provider” and select ‘eDigital’ from the drop-down list. After you select eDigital, you will need to follow these steps:

The first step is to select the appropriate vertical and leave all other alerts enabled. The available verticals are Brain, Diet, Muscle and Skin.

When finished, ‘Save’ the profile. Clicking ‘save’ will automatically create the eDigital product for this vertical.

The next step is to navigate to Offers> Products to obtain the eDigital product ID that was automatically created in the previous step.

The last step is to Navigate to Campaigns > Manage Campaigns and create/edit the campaign of interest. You will need to add the eDigital product Id that was created on the Products page to this campaign. Once the product has been added to the campaign, you can add the eDigital profile to the campaign by clicking on ‘Third Party Providers’ and then selecting the eDigital profile you just created. Please note that the shipping for your eDigital product will be (1) free shipping.

*Note*- If using Webforms, the eDigital product will need to be created by following up with an API call such as NewOrderCardOnFile.

If using API, your main product will be created using NewOrder and the eDigital product will need to be created using NewOrderCardOnFile.

Also, please note that the product entitled "Digital Magazine *Trial*" will be the product that you would offer on your campaign when offering a trial. If you don't offer a trial, you would just put the product entitled "Digital Magazine *Subscription" on your checkout page.

*Additional API Notes* - 

campaignId={eDigital campaign ID}

We recommend that you configure these within an isolated payment router assigned to an independent campaign. This payment router should be configured with your unhealthy gateways that have high chargeback and/or refund rates, and your eDigital products will need to be routed to this unique campaign via the campaignId parameter of the NewOrder request.

master_order_id={main order ID}

  • This will need to be populated with the order ID of the main offering in their NewOrder/NewOrderCardOnFile API request. This will create a relationship between the main order and the eDigital order to ensure that they recur and cancel together.


  • This will always need to be present in the API request if using the NewOrderCardOnFile method to ensure that the eDigital order parallels the rebill depth of the main order, properly.

The following image(s) can be placed on your checkout page via file locations provided below to illustrate the appropriate vertical of your offering:

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