Configuring Tungsten Revenue

 LimeLight CRM Support 

February 14, 2011 21:06
REV June 18, 2019

Tungsten Revenue is now integrated with Lime Light CRM. If you have an account with this order confirmation provider, you can start taking advantage of our order confirmation technology that allows you to post data directly to them through an automated process.

To enable Tungsten Revenue in your CRM, you just need to send your request to along with the requirements to configure this provider within Lime Light CRM.

The requirements to configure Tungsten Revenue are the following:

Company Id – This will be provided to you by Tungsten Revenue.

Password – This will be provided to you by Tungsten Revenue.

Campaign Id – This will be provided to you by Tungsten Revenue.

Toll Free Number – Phone number that you want to display on the caller Ids

Processing Mode – Confirm All Orders, including Initials and Rebills. Or, Confirm All Initial Orders only.

Alias – For internal purposes only to help you organize among multiple provider profiles within your CRM

Once the configuration with the order confirmation provider has been enabled in your CRM, we will provide you a unique set of username and password that you must provide later to Tungsten Revenue, as described below in the steps to configure Tungsten Revenue’s API.

Also, you will have a new field under your campaigns called “Order Confirmation Account”. This feature will be assigned at the campaign level, so you will go through your campaigns and assign it to all those campaigns you want to send over to Tungsten Revenue for confirmation.


Upon placing the order confirmation phone call to the consumer, the Tungsten Revenue platform sends and syncs the outcome of the phone call by using a new API based request/response. Lime Light CRM & Tungsten Revenue have made the entire process easy and automated between both of our platforms.

Configuring Tungsten Revenue’s API

Clients integrating with Tungsten Revenue will need to provide Tungsten Revenue your Lime Light URL where the OCC results can be posted to. You must give Tungsten Revenue two items when hooking into the API:

  1. Your Lime Light CRM domain name
  2. Username and password provided to you by Lime Light CRM support once Tungsten Revenue gets enabled in your CRM
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