Configuring SmashIVR

 LimeLight CRM Support 

May 11, 2016 15:42
REV June 18, 2019

SmashIVR is now integrated with Lime Light CRM for Order Confirmations. If you have an account with this order confirmation provider, you can start taking advantage of our order confirmation technology that allows you to post data directly to them through an automated process.

To enable SmashIVR in your CRM, you just need to send your request to along with the requirements to configure this provider within Lime Light CRM.

The requirements to configure SmashIVR are the following:

API User: This will be provided to you by SmashIVR.

API Key: This will be provided to you by SmashIVR.

Alerts: Select 'Yes' if you would like to receive any of the alerts listed.

Is Test: Select if you would like to use SmashIVR in test mode.

Processing Mode: Select if you would like the processing mode to be for initial only or initial and rebill both.

Alias: For internal purposes only; it helps you identify your specific profile among several others in your CRM.

This provider will be assigned at the campaign level. Once the configuration with SmashIVR has been activated in your CRM, you can assign this provider by its "alias" under the field “Order Confirmation Account”.

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