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August 20, 2018 13:01
June 18, 2019

Limelight's Partial Monetization feature specializes in converting abandoned carts (or partials) to sales, and cross selling products to existing customers, through custom email drip campaigns. With this solution, you can capture lost revenue from partials, boost conversion rates, and increase sales- all at a significantly lower CPA and virtually no extra time and energy spent for you.

This solution is in partnership with LiftLogic, the industry leading email remarketing provider. LoftLogic has a proprietary software solution and 20+ years of email and performance marketing experience, which enables them to achieve industry leading rates of email delivery and engagement: 50% open rates, 40% click through rates, and a whopping 10-20% conversion rates.

Limelight's Partial Monetization is a 100% end-to-end managed solution including creative delivery, monitoring and analytics. LiftLogic handles everything from mailing strategy, creative development, solving deliverability issues, analytics and reporting. Plus, there is absolutely no upfront cost and the fees are 100% performance based, you only pay for successful conversions!

Getting Started

If you are interested in the Partial Monetization service, you will need to first contact to get started with an account.

1. You'll need to provide LiftLogic with the following information for creative development:

  • Logo used in the email creative (.200 width .png)
  • Any sample marketing copy/materials used in the past (if applicable)
  • Physical address (used in the footer to comply with Spam Rules)
  • Call-to-Action URL (directs visitors to the orders page, editable by the visitor, to track conversions). Please make sure that consumer billing terms are clear and conspicuous.
  • Email address used to forward customer replies to, if they reply to any emails in the nurture (typically customer service email address)

2. Confirm your webpages are using the proper API Methods (for tracking):

  • NewProspect - to ensure we are collecting and creating prospect records
  • NewOrderWithProspect - to ensure we are passing the parameter 'conversion_id' (this method is required to give credit for driving the conversion of the prospect record to the checkout page)

3. Review and give LiftLogic final approval on the email creative and click-through flow

Once you have completed the steps above, your account will be created with LiftLogic, and you receive your 'Offer ID', you will be able to add records to the Provider list in the Limelight platform.

A. Navigate to the Providers Page

B. Select the 'Actions' button, and select 'Add new Provider Profile'

Type: Prospect

Provider: LiftLogic ( this will not display unless the Client Success team has configured your account)

Alias: For internal purposes only, it helps you identify your profile among others in your CRM

Is Test: No

Offer ID: This value is provided by LiftLogic. It represents a single email message in their system.

Prospect Convert to Customer Alert: Yes

C. Click the 'Save' button

Enable the Provider record for LiftLogic on a campaign

1. Locate and edit the Campaign you want to enable LiftLogic on.

2. Make sure the 'Third Party Providers' checkbox is enabled

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the campaign page, to the 'Providers' section.

4. Select the provider record you created in step 2 above, and click 'Save' on the Campaign.

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