October 31, 2010
REV June 18, 2019

Lime Light CRM has a new Automated Fulfillment Technology. This technology has been designed to save you a great amount of time and make your fulfillment process much easier.

 How does it work?

Until now, all shippable orders had to be manually exported to the fulfillment centers and then manually imported back into our system after the tracking numbers had been generated. However, this process could take a considerable amount of time that you could otherwise be dedicating toward other aspects of your business.

With our new automated technology, all new shippable orders will be pushed to the fulfillment center once a day. Then, 24 hours later the system will go and retrieve the tracking numbers for the previously posted orders, and import them back into their respective order within Lime Light. Once the tracking numbers have been imported into our system, the orders that have been shipped will be automatically sent to Shipped Orders.

This feature will be used at the campaign level. If you have multiple campaigns and you desire to use different fulfillment centers depending on the campaign, you can set up a different fulfillment provider for each one. Once you assign an automated fulfillment provider to a campaign, then all of the current shippable orders on that campaign that have not been sent to fulfillment will be sent to your automated fulfillment provider.

 How can I start using it?            

In order to start using the automated fulfillment technology, you will need to establish an account with one of the automated fulfillment companies currently integrated within our system.

Please keep in mind that you will not be restricted to the use of only one fulfillment company. You can have multiple fulfillment company accounts which gives you the ability to use one fulfillment center for Campaign X, and a different fulfillment center for Campaign Y.

At the moment, there are several fulfillment companies currently integrated with the Lime Light CRM. If you are working with a fulfillment company that is not currently integrated with the Lime Light CRM, feel free to send in your request to have it added. We will kindly review the request to determine if the fulfillment company meets the requirements necessary for integration with the Lime Light CRM.

 What is the next step after establishing my account with a fulfillment company?

Once you have established an account with the fulfillment company, you will be provided with the parameters needed to configure your fulfillment provider within the Lime Light CRM. 

 Once the Automated Fulfillment Technology has been configured, how do I assign it to my campaigns?

After the Automated Fulfillment Technology has been configured in your CRM, the next step will be to assign it to your campaigns. You can go to Campaigns>Manage Campaigns, select the campaign that you would like to assign it to, and click on “Edit”. If you are creating a new campaign, you can assign the fulfillment account at the time of creating the campaign.

When the Automated Fulfillment Technology is active, the system will default all new campaigns you create to “Disabled”. The reason for this is because you may not want to use the automated system for all of your campaigns, so you will assign it to any campaign you choose to.

The drop down box to select your fulfillment account will appear right below your Anti-Fraud account; as shown in the illustration. This drop down box will have the list of fulfillment accounts that you have configured, and it will show the accounts by the Alias that you have assigned to each of them. You will select the Alias of the account that you wish to use with the campaign that you are working on.

Another requirement will be displayed when you are creating your products, our system will request a new field to be filled out, that is the "Declared Product Value". This field is crucial when handling international orders, as they have to go through Customs. If you are doing a Risk Free Trial, the product price will be set up as $0.00; however, the Declared Product Value will be set up to the actual price of the product. This way, when your customer receives the order they will see the actual value of the product and not a product with $0.00 value. If you are only shipping within the US, you can leave this space as $0.00 if you choose to, since it will not go through Customs.

How will the fulfillment provider identify what shipping method to use on each order?

 Each fulfillment company use their own codes, they will provide you with this information when you sign up for your account.

Once you receive the codes from your provider, for all the different shipping methods, you will go into to your Lime Light CRM account, and go to Offers>Shipping>Shipping Groups. Here you will edit the code for each shipping method that you are using as shown in the next illustration. We have used codes from AtLast Fulfillment for this example:

Now, when the fulfillment company receives the orders from you, they will automatically now what shipping method to use on each order.

 Will there be any record of the fulfillment process?

Once your automated fulfillment technology is up and running, all activity will be logged under the order history as shown below.

Once the tracking numbers are imported into our system, those orders that have been shipped will be sent to Shipped Orders. The system will also send out the confirmation emails if you have enabled the option to send out email notifications.

 Manually Posting and Re-shipping Orders to Fulfillment

 The Lime Light CRM gives you the ability to manually post a new shippable order to your automated fulfillment provider before our system does it automatically once per day.  If you desire to manually post a new shippable order to your fulfillment provider, there will be an option to click next to the tracking number field under order details which states “Post shipment to (Name of Fulfillment Provider)”. Once done, the order will remain in the approved folder until a tracking number has been received from your fulfillment provider.

 Re-shipping a Previously Shipped Order

The Lime Light CRM also gives you the ability to re-ship an order that was previously shipped by your fulfillment provider. If you desire to re-ship a previously shipped order to a customer, there will be an option to click next to the tracking number field under order details which states “Post reshipment to (Name of Fulfillment Provider)”. The previous tracking number would then be placed in the order history, and the order would remain in the approved folder until a new tracking number has been received from your fulfillment provider.

 How many times will the fulfillment posts be reattempted if the initial posts fail?

The Lime Light CRM will attempt the fulfillment posts up to 30 times per order if the initial posts fail. After 30 failed attempts the orders will no longer be attempted through the automated fulfillment cron; however, they can always be posted manually if needed.

 *Both of the aforementioned options will only be available with our automated fulfillment providers. The options are not supported with Custom FTP Fulfillment.

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