July 29, 2019


VMPI is a product that arms merchants with the ability to stop potential chargebacks before they are even filed. Visa created VMPI to help reduce chargeback disputes. Their idea was that if there were fewer misunderstandings, that their would be fewer chargebacks. And, that this would lead to greater customer satisfaction for both merchants and cardholders.

VMPI achieves this by creating a platform that encourages direct dialogue (via data exchange) between consumers, banks, and merchants. Enrolling for the VMPI product empowers you to respond to chargebacks during the complaint stage. Our VMPI integration allows you to act automatically (in real-time) by providing additional information (i.e., shipping confirmation, cancellation number, product name).

As you know, under the old system, if a cardholder called the issuer with a complaint, that complaint simply turned into a chargeback. After that, it was up to you to defend the transaction, and to pay all mandatory chargeback fees, regardless of the outcome. Now, through VMPI, you can resolve a claim before the issuer officially files a chargeback.

  1. The Dispute Inquiry is sent to Visa (from the issuing bank), who then passes it to anLimeLight.
  2. LimeLight checks to see if the merchant is enrolled in VMPI. If the merchant does notparticipate in VMPI, the case will likely be escalated to a chargeback automatically.
  3. If the merchant is enrolled in VMPI, the LimeLight creates a digital evidence packetcontaining all transaction information and supplemental order data, which is thensent immediately back to Visa.
  4. Visa reviews the information and renders a decision based on dispute rules. 

Note: Since VMPI applies to all Visa transactions (regardless of the issuing
bank) no other outside "alert network" is required. This cancels out the inherent
challenge of a legacy "alert" being issued only if the issuing bank was part of that network.

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