October 5, 2019

To configure Affirm payment gateway into your Limelight CRM, you will need to navigate to Settings > Providers and select “Add New Provider Profile” from the Actions drop-down menu. Select “Payment” as the type, select Affirm from the Provider drop-down list, and fill out the required gateway parameters.

Provider Profile

These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

Alias: For internal purposes only, this will be the name for your profile.

Public Key: This will be provided to you by Affirm.

Private Key: This will be provided to you by Affirm.

Capture on Shipment: Set to YES if you want to capture an authorization once an order is marked a shipped in the CRM. Also, an order will remain as pending in the system until the authorization is captured upon shipment. Set to No if you want the standard authorzation and capture process for your orders. Optional.

Currency: This provider supports USD only.

Test Mode: Set to YES if you want to use this gateway in Test Mode.

When placing orders through Affirm via API, you will need to include the following parameters in your API call:

creditCardType = affirm_pay



Recurring is NOT supported, straight sale orders only

Payment routing is NOT supported



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